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Why We Love Our Babies

Mom leaned forward and looked me straight in the eyes and said: "Tell me, do you love your children?"

My mother is a wonderful big sister to me spiritually. This last weekend we went for tea with my girls and had a wonderful time. The drive into the mountains was perfect, the Lord prepared each of our steps and we were blessed by the grace that accompanied us. God even cares about Tea Parties!

When I arrived back home, I shared with mom about some issues that are of concern to me. She so faithfully listened and then directed me in wisdom as she does often. I shared my joy and hurt with her regarding many of the families that the Lord has lead our way.

I sat on the couch here in the store, while mom sat in the rocker. I said mom "I understand now that when it said the older women were to teach the younger woman to love their children, it really meant just that. So many women don't live as if they love their children, and I am searching for ways to stir up that love in them. "

Mom leaned forward and looked me straight in the eyes and said: "Tell me, do you love your children?" Oh, Yes! I replied... "why?" she continued. Her question took me by surprise at first, but then I told her that each child would have a different answer. She said "tell me, why do you love Josiah?"

Instantly my mind went to all the times I have sat and watched my "four year old frog hunter".. "Oh, mom! I love his manliness, he is such a big little man, so strong and brave. I love how he cuddles with me and kisses me, he loves to protect me, to please me, and yet he is so opinionated about issues, he speaks his mind with such confidence. He is a leader, and that makes me both laugh and hide at times. Oh, mom..." then she interrupted me and said " Have you ever asked other women why they love their children?" No, I had never asked...

So, tell me ladies... why do you love your babies? It's more than just "because I'm their mommy or because they are my child" really think about it, day dream about it, tell me, why do you love your babies? Then go and tell your babies at unique times, as the Lord leads you. Just take their hand and stop for a moment in a busy day, touch them tenderly and look them straight in the eyes and say, "I love you because..... "

That night when I went to bed, my Josiah came into my room after everyone had gone to sleep, he said "mommy?... mommy?... are you awake? "

"Yes son, what do you need?"

"Mommy, you know how I sleep with you when I have bad dreams?"

" Yes, sweetie are you having bad dreams?"

"No, mommy I really sleep with you because I love how you hold me"

"Oh, Josiah come, let mommy hold you" He climbed up in my arms and I stroked his face. I whispered all the thoughts I had shared with grandma earlier that day and he just laid still listening to my every word. I drifted off to sleep.

Some time later, I awoke and realized that he wasn't in my arms, I looked to see him standing by my window looking out between the blinds.

"What is it Josiah, why are you awake?"

"Just checking to make sure there are no bad guys. Mommy, did you know there is a light on in our car?"

"Oh, Josiah you are so strong and brave, thank you for watching over me, thank you for telling me about the light,that will save us lots of money. If you had not told me daddy might not of been able to go to work because the car battery would die"

The car light was turned off and Josiah climbed back into my arms where we both slept for the rest of the night and I will forever cherish the night my brave frog hunter crawled up into my arms and told me why he loved me.

Ladies, no matter how busy life gets we can never be too busy for memories. To busy to tell our children why we love them, or too busy to day dream about them.

Tell me, why do you love your baby?

By His Grace and For His Glory,
  Mrs. Joseph Wood

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