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If You Give a Boy a Lapbook...

I encourage everyone to try this approach. It's a great hands-on way to gather a variety of information and pull it all together into a cohesive project that you can go back to time and again.

When my older son had just turned 3 years old, we spent a week doing activities related to the book, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie", by Laura Numeroff. The activities were based on a book by Dinah Zike called, "The Big Book of Books and Activities", which gives instructions for making many different books with a variety of information. We combined these books into a shutter-folded manila folder which is called a lapbook. The lapbook serves as a lasting reminder of what he learned. Although the book we read was a library book, my son can go back to this lapbook and relate the story from memory. Lapbooking is a great teaching tool for all ages! It's very inexpensive, too, as it only requires basic office supplies to complete. (You can visit for more information on Dinah Zike and to learn about her other publications.)

Here is our journal for that week:

Monday: I read the book to Benjamin while he colored a picture from the book. I attempted to get him to color the areas of the picture in the same colors as the illustration in the book. He did a pretty good job once I pointed out what the picture in the book looks like. He got a little black-happy at the end, so it's an interesting artistic interpretation of what he saw. This picture will probably be included in our lapbook in some way. (Item 1 on pictures below.)

Next, we talked about the cookies being circle shaped. We went through the book again and I had him find all of the circles he could see. I didn't realize how many there were. I wrote them all down so we can include that in our lapbook at the end of the week. (Item 2) We then went back and I had him count circles in some areas: holes in the cleanser can, flowers, etc. He really enjoyed the circle activity and continued on to tell me that his Ritz Bits crackers are circles and they have circle holes on top. He seems to have circles down pat.

Tuesday: Today we had "Be A Mouse Day". I made some (very basic) mouse ears for him to wear. We went through the book and Benjamin did the things that the mouse did (minus the hair trim). He had a cookie, drank milk, used a napkin, cleaned the mess, rested, colored, taped his picture to the refrigerator, had more milk & a cookie to go with it. He enjoyed being a mouse. Who wouldn't with all those cookies? I took pictures of each activity to include in our lapbook. It only took us about 1/2 hour to do everything, although he could have spent more time on the coloring. He was anxious to use the "sticky tape", so coloring didn't last as long as it normally does. He insisted on laying on the floor to color (like in the book) instead of in his usual place, which I thought was a good observation on his part. (Item 3)

Wednesday: The first thing we did was "napkin" folding. A real napkin would probably be too hard for Benjamin to fold, so we used square pieces of paper instead. First we folded a milk cup (that we could actually drink out of, but we didn't). Then we folded and colored a mouse. A very very primitive mouse. :-) He did pretty good pressing down the folds after I got them started for him. I wrote the word "MILK" on mine, so he wanted to write it on his, too. I helped him to write it out and he seems to be doing very well with his 'pencil grip'. The mouse fits inside the cup and will become a part of our lapbook. (Item 4)

Then we wrote a story called, "If You Give Benjamin a Ball." This was really too advanced for him (as I thought it might be) so I had to prompt him a lot, but he did come up with a couple of things without my help. He often rattles off stories on his own, but he was having some difficulty focusing on that today. We'll turn this into a small book to add to our lapbook.

(Item 5) When we were done, he wanted to go and do everything we had said he would do in the story. This included an impromptu class on how to do jumping jacks, so we actually got a very small bit of Phys. Ed. thrown in. I never would have thought to plan that (P.E. was never my thing), so it was a nice bonus. The story must have made an impact because he was able to recite the whole thing back to Daddy later that night.

Thursday: Today we learned about mice using a simple printout from the internet. I read the worksheet to Benjamin and we talked about what mice look like, how they live, what they eat and what eats them. Benjamin was particularly interested in the fact that mice don't have hair on their ears. He colored the picture of the mouse on the printout and we made a little booklet describing the attributes of mice. Benjamin then sorted pictures of things that eat mice and things that are eaten by mice and we glued these onto the corresponding pages in our booklet. (Item 6)

Since he was really enjoying the glueing, I went ahead and had him help me assemble the story book we wrote yesterday, "If You Give Benjamin a Ball." I had printed out pictures to go with it, so he glued them on the correct pages (with a little help). (Item 5) I'm starting to wonder if all of our activities will fit into the lapbook. It's probably a good thing we're a little ahead of my original schedule and can devote tomorrow to getting that put together.

Friday: Today we just did a lot of cutting and pasting for our lapbook. I had started on the harder items yesterday and Benjamin helped me finish up the gluing of the smaller items. He drew some circles on the circle book, which he did really well, but then he colored over them all and they're no longer recognizable as circles. :-) He really likes the lapbook, especially the story wheel (Item 7), which he saw for the first time today. I've added pictures of our lapbook below.

I encourage everyone to try this approach. It's a great hands-on way to gather a variety of information and pull it all together into a cohesive project that you can go back to time and again.

Jodi Whisler lives in Iowa with her husband and 2 young boys. Please take the time visit her wonderful website, for links, worksheets, her online homeschool journal, and more!

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