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Forging Character
by Mark Hamby
The dirt was flying and Dad was digging. He had worked hard all week while I worked hard trying to figure out how to get out of work.   (more)
Typewriters, Bicycles, and High School Athletics
by Zan Tyler
My two sons are now 24 and 21 years old, and both are gifted athletes. Growing up, they participated in every sport known to mankind.   (more)
If You Give a Boy a Lapbook...
by Jodi Whisler
Join our own infamous list moderator as she shares her early homeschooling days! Benjamin enjoyed being a mouse. Who wouldn't with all those cookies?   (more)
Elementary Science: Keep It Simple!
by Maggie Hogan
I heard from a parent who has scheduled her little kindergartener for a full, three-day-a-week science program using a complete curriculum along with all the extras. She's still concerned it isn't enough.    (more)
Tory's Basketball Notebook
by Barb Shelton
Barb chose this story from her rich archives to share with us! Learn how mom and son created a delight-driven project that they each came to appreciate and enjoy.   (more)
Carpentry for Children: A Book Review
by Sora Colvin
Looking for a purposeful, outdoor, independent activity on which to direct some of your son's energy?   (more)
Discipleship Homeschooling
by Jonathan Lindvall
You can spend lots of money on a broad range of resources without really helping your children to "Seek first the kingdom of God," which is the real key to their success.   (more)
Fight for Focus!
by MrsTitus2
We must carry out our mission, the great commission, right in our homes with our children, demonstrating zeal for the Lord despite the circumstances around us.   (more)

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